Time Management

Gain practical skills and strategies to effectively evaluate your productivity and determine effective ways to manage your time.

Personal productivity

Programme Overview

This half-day workshop provides you with practical skills and strategies to effectively evaluate your productivity and determine effective ways to manage your time.

Course Benefits

  • Feel in control of your time
  • Improve your productivity
  • Increase your goal focus
  • Greater work satisfaction
  • Improve methods for organising your time
  • Confidence to say no, when appropriate.

Skills Taught

Participation will give you the opportunity to:

    • Learn to select the time management tools that are best suited to your work style
    • Learn how to set and manage priorities
    • Understand procrastination and ways to eliminate this
    • Learn how to say ‘no’ and handle interruptions
    • Learn to balance your day-to-day tasks with longer-term projects and goals
    • Explore a variety of techniques to help you plan.

Course Presenter

Personal productivity

Upcoming Course Details

Next Course: Tuesday 21 June 2022
Time: 1:00- 4:30pm
Investment: $275 + GST

Designed for

Individuals who have a never-ending, to-do list and are juggling life between work and home. The saying that there are never enough hours in the day resonates.

What to Expect

This course is highly participatory and practical.  It includes activities using your current to-do list. You will be able to implement new strategies once you return to the office to work more effectively.

What to bring

Your to-do list and anything that you use to help manage your day.


"This is a well-structured course which provides practical tools to manage time in both work and home situations. The follow up coaching session is invaluable with helping to implement techniques learnt."
Toni Deas, Key Account Manager - Food Laboratory, Cawthron Institute

"I found that the course taught organisational skills and provided tools that were directly applicable to me in my workplace.
As I am a naturally disorganised person, these skills and tools have helped me become more organised, efficient and less ‘bogged down’ in paperwork."
Bryan Stokes, Natural Toxins Technician, Cawthron Institute.

"Hugely beneficial. Using the tools that I already know, but putting it into effect."
Nico Bosman, ElectroNet, June 2020.

"I feel empowered after coming on this course. Some new techniques and a great reflection on what I am doing well and not so well. I am looking forward to implementing these great techniques." Anna Hammond, Sealord, June 2021

"A wonderful course to get your head around time management and how to implement realistic changes." Sealord, HR Team member, June 2021

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