Managing People Through Change

Lead your team confidently through change, while navigating challenges and empowering staff.

Managing People Through Change

Programme Overview

Has your organisation recently launched a change initiative or is it preparing for one? This course will help you to lead your team members successfully through change.

You will learn ways to personally deal with accepting the change yourself and techniques to help others transition through it successfully – providing clarity and direction during times of uncertainty.

Change is inevitable and there will be certain things that are within your sphere of control and certain things that aren’t. This course focuses on what is within your control.

Course Benefits

  • Overcome the challenges you personally face during change
  • Be clearer on your role and responsibilities
  • Learn how to empower your team by influencing their current mindset
  • More self-awareness during the change process and focusing on what you can control
  • Communication skills to connect, unite and drive your team through the change
  • Review development options for individual team members to help enhance motivation

Skills Taught

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the different stages of change and the impact on performance
  • Know how to create a positive mindset for yourself and the team to navigate through change
  • Create awareness of your role during change and what you need to do to support the team to enhance productivity and morale
  • Identify and manage the emotional reactions of the team
  • Select individual development techniques to tap into the individual team member’s intrinsic motivators.

Course Presenter

Managing People Through Change

Designed for

Anyone who is in a position of leadership and managing individuals through change.

Please note: This course will NOT be creating a change management process for your organisation. It focuses on leading and managing your team through change and assisting them to adapt as quickly as possible.

What to Expect

An interactive 3-hour session sharing your personal experiences around the challenges you face dealing with change and learning new techniques on how to overcome those challenges.


Permission to talk about the issues I had with change and how to deal with it for the benefit of my team and myself was invaluable.
Chris Choat, Communications Manager, Tasman District Council, March 2021

I found the pace was right. Louise was open, engaged and authentic. She allowed time for everyone to speak and encouraged engagement.
Hannah Simpson, Executive Assistant to CEO, Tasman District Council March 2021

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