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when we welcome tourists again

When the World goes back to normal

Which ending do you prefer? The romantic, the twist, or the expected? It feels like we are all characters in a book or movie right...
8 top tips for good video conferencing

9 Top Tips for Good Video Conferencing

We are currently at Covid-19 Alert Level 4 and New Zealand is on lockdown. Those that aren't essential workers are working from home. If you...
training trends 2020 vision

Training trends for 2020

We work hard to ensure that our courses reflect the latest developments in business training so that your people and business continue to grow and...
Workplace cultural differences

Understanding workplace cultural differences

As 'kiwis', we all live and work to a set of ingrained social norms. We take these norms for granted and often forget that colleagues...
top 10 tips for starting work

What I’ve learned from 10 years in the workplace

How long have you been in the workforce? I've recently hit that landmark that gets recruiters excited: 10(+) years of experience. I thought now might...
when time is running out

How to make the most of your limited time

Climate change, ageing, deadlines and opportunities. Time has a big impact and brings many challenges. While watching David Attenborough's Our Planet on Netflix, my son...
What is Mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

I'm sure you have found yourself in either of these situations before: 1) having just left the house after rushing around in order to leave...
ageing workforce

Is your business ready for our ageing workforce?

I recently watched The Intern movie (on a plane with limited options) where a 70-year-old (Robert De Niro) returns to work after retirement to become a...
micro learning

Why micro-learning can boost your organisation’s growth

Balancing time out for training alongside getting the job done is difficult for every organisation. Since working in the learning and development industry I have...
The big issues facing businesses now

The big issues facing businesses now

Global issues A report from the World Economic Forum Extreme weather events and natural disasters have topped the list of perceived risks to New Zealand...

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