Conflict Resolution and Collaboration

Address conflict within any sized team to improve relationships, work outputs, and confidence to handle difficult conversations.

Conflict Resolution and Collaboration

Programme Overview

Conflict is inevitable.

Everyone can remember times when they have had great interactions at work and times when it has been terrible and conflict-laden.

The impact these interactions have on the wellbeing of the business and staff is critical and far reaching. Therefore it is important to learn how to deal with conflict.

The end result is better working relationships and the confidence that this type of communication can be a positive experience.

Course Benefits

  • Gain self-awareness of your own communication style and triggers
  • Build better relationships
  • Be more confident to engage in and resolve conflict

Skills Taught

  • How to give and receive effective feedback
  • How to deal with triggers
  • How to set internal and external boundaries

Course Presenter

Conflict Resolution and Collaboration

Designed for

All staff working with other people.

What to Expect

This is an interactive course where you will learn more about yourself. Be prepared to share your stories and try out new skills – all within a safe learning environment.

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