Giving Feedback and Performance Reviews – ONLINE

Giving feedback is essential for developing top performers. This course focuses on how to give effective feedback and coach staff for success. Participants will explore how to conduct performance reviews and set goals for high-performing teams.

Giving Feedback and Performance Reviews

Programme Overview

Giving effective feedback is essential for improving staff and team performance. Performance development is one of the most effective ways to improve productivity and a company’s profitability. Yet many managers avoid giving constructive feedback for fear of getting it wrong and facing legal action.

This course focuses on how to create a high-performing team by giving effective feedback and coaching to improve performance. Through discussion and scenarios, course participants will explore how to give constructive
feedback, coach staff, and conduct performance reviews. We will answer questions like: How often should you meet with staff in regular catch ups? What are SMART goals and performance objectives? How can you reduce manager biases for a fair assessment in performance reviews?

Participants will learn how to give effective feedback and conduct performance reviews with ease.

Please note, this course is not designed for participants registered for the online course “Leader’s Guide to Performance Management,” which is a comprehensive guide of this topic.

Course Benefits

This course is designed to help you:

  • Recognise the importance of frequent feedback for developing high-performing teams
  • Consider regular catch ups with staff for effective two-way feedback
  • Practise giving constructive feedback to improve results
  • Recognise the importance of praise for positive working relationships
  • Assess performance review templates for your organisation
  • Consider a checklist for conducting performance reviews easily.

Skills Taught

  • Identify tools and techniques for giving staff constructive feedback with confidence
  • Identify how to assess staff performance fairly by reducing manager biases
  • Set and evaluate goals for staff to challenge and motivate high performance.

Course Presenter

Giving Feedback and Performance Reviews

Upcoming Course Details

Next Course: Tuesday 14 June 2022
Time: 9:30am - 2pm
Investment: $470 (incl GST)

Designed for

This course is ideal for team leaders, managers and HR professionals who wish to improve how they conduct performance reviews and give feedback to their team. This course focuses on how to coach staff and conduct performance reviews and set goals for success.


What to Expect

A 4.5 hour course, facilitated online. Concepts and case law will be introduced and explained, then applied through scenarios and discussions. Real-time interactions including group activities, polls and Q&As will allow you to connect and ask questions throughout the course.

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