Core Leadership Skills

Know that you can lead yourself so that in turn, you can lead others. Develop the skills required for effective feedback, motivation, and delegation.

Core leadership skills

Programme Overview

People are often promoted into their first leadership role as a result of being competent in their trade or profession. Yet they are not necessarily equipped with the skills required of a leader. Skills such as emotional intelligence, communication, and the courage to have those difficult conversations.

This course prepares you for the transition. Gain awareness of your personal strengths and become a confident communicator with the ability to connect and lead others.

Course Benefits

  • Become confident in your own strengths and abilities
  • Build work relationships based on trust and respect
  • Develop personal strength and resilience
  • Gain practical communication techniques

Skills Taught

  • Emotional Intelligence – gain awareness of your thinking styles and how these differ from others. Learn about your ‘blind spots’ or unconscious biases.
  • Confidence and compassion
  • Effective communication.

Course Presenter

Core leadership skills

Designed for

People preparing for a leadership role.

What to Expect

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