Project Management

A practical one-day course covering core technical skills and success factors for project management.

project management Course

Programme Overview

A practical one-day course covering core technical skills and success factors for project management. The course does not assume previous project experience.

This course takes a pragmatic approach, providing participants with a basic framework and principles so that participants can apply a structured approach to their projects. The training is independent of project management software.

Course Benefits

Participants can expect to:

  • gain practical skills, tools and techniques that can be applied to any project
  • learn how to approach and structure a project
  • understand the principles of successful project management – best practices!
  • learn how to avoid some basic project pitfalls
  • learn, through participation, about project roles and team work.

Skills Taught

  • How do I go about planning a project?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities in a project?
  • How can I clearly define the project’s purpose, scope, and resource requirements?
  • How do I keep a project under control?
  • How do I know if I am going about the project in the right way?
  • What are some practical techniques for planning and scheduling a project?
  • How do you get a project team to work well together?

Course Presenter

project management Course

Designed for

People who plan or manage projects and for project participants who need to make an effective contribution to projects.

What to Expect

Take away a project plan outline for your business to implement.

Apply the principles of project management to your current projects within resource constraints.


Feedback from our course participants on 24 Nov 2020:

• This was really useful in going through the process step by step. I feel like anyone would benefit from this regardless of how much experience they have with project planning.

• I found the course practical, well delivered and I will be able to apply the learning to my work immediately.

• An interesting and practical course. I learned a lot and feel I have a good toolbox to start implementing my new skills.

• The course was engaging, and the tutor was able to tailor it to relevant work environments.

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