Microsoft Word Foundation

Use the features of Microsoft Word for your letters, reports, and brochures. Set up your page, use tables, formatting, and editing.

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Programme Overview

This training is designed to help participants learn and utilise the basic features of Microsoft Word. This includes producing letters, memos, reports and simple brochures.

You will gain a better understanding on the use of Microsoft Word and confidence to approach new tasks. This course will give you the tools to enable you to work more effectively and efficiently. You will learn how to make changes to the settings of Microsoft Word to best suit the needs of your workplace; including layout of pages and text, skills with both mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

Course Benefits

Skills Taught

This training is ‘hands on’ and covers the basic operation of Microsoft Word, including:

  • the interface, tabs and ribbons
  • page setup and layout
  • formatting both character and paragraph
  • inserting numbered and bullet lists, including outline or multi-level numbering
  • headers and footers
  • spell checking and thesaurus
  • graphics and text flow
  • saving and printing.

Course Presenter

Microsoft Word Intermediate Course Chalkbox

Designed for

First time users of Microsoft Word; or for people returning to the workforce and finding they need to use Microsoft Word in their work.

What to Expect

This workshop is delivered over 2 sessions to small groups, not exceeding 5, with each person having their own computer to work with and a manual to support the learning. This training can be tailored to meet organisational training needs.


'This is one of the most user friendly courses I have been on. Excellent presentation and resources.'

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