Microsoft Excel Functions

Learn the power of Excel and expand your knowledge of functions.

Microsoft Excel Functions course

Programme Overview

Learn the power of Excel. Turn stress into efficiency by using Excel formulae to simplify tasks. Expand your knowledge and gain new skills for using more of Excel’s wide range of functions. Learn how to combine functions in formulae and transform your worksheet functionality at work. For example, learn how to use time and date functions to calculate forward dates, work days in between dates, and much more.

Course Benefits

  • Learn new functions to implement straight away
  • Practice and test new functions in the safety of a training situation
  • Apply new knowledge of functions when writing formulae and using them across worksheets
  • Explore new ways of working and become more efficient
  • Increase productivity and efficiency at work.

Skills Taught

  • Understanding what functions and formulae are
  • How to build the parts of functions and formulae
  • How to enter formulae into worksheet cells and across worksheets
  • Checking and fixing errors in formulae
  • Finding the functions you need in your formula
  • Using different types of functions in formulae: count/sum, time/date, financial, text, lookup, logical, information, and olatile functions
  • Using array formulae
  • Cleaning imported data

Course Presenter

Microsoft Excel Functions course

Designed for

Foundation and Intermediate level users of Excel who would like to expand their functions repertoire and become more proficient.

What to Expect

This is an open workshop for Excel users at Foundation and Intermediate levels. There will be plenty of interaction and the chance to work through your specific questions.

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