The one thing you need more of

energy management

If I was to ask you what you would like more of, what would be your response? Time? Money? Peace and quiet? How about more energy?

Having enough energy for life is more than just fueling for physical activity. It is about having the energy for a strong and healthy mentality, emotional capacity and spiritual practices. As a commodity for employees, organisations are realising that having enough energy is as important as having enough time.

Energy management vs time management

The Harvard Business Review explored the repercussions for organisations that demand ever-higher performance from their people in Manage your Energy, Not your Time. The article states the when their employees respond by working longer hours, employees become exhausted, dis-engaged and sick. However, employees that were encouraged to renew their personal energy from various sources were found to manage the extra demands of their jobs in a more sustainable way.

The solutions are simple to replicate but start with the company prioritising employees’ health. Ways for employees to renew their personal energy are:

  • encouraging regular breaks away from their desks or workstations
  • expressing appreciation to others
  • tackling priorities first-thing in the morning
  • reducing interruptions
  • deep-abdominal breathing
  • cultivating positive emotions
  • living by your values for meaning and purpose
  • introducing energy-renewal programmes

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Time management for energy management

I believe that managing your time and managing your energy go hand-in-hand. Better time-management allows space for the things in your life that you value and love to do. These activities bring energy to your life in different ways. I feel re-charged after a workout, having a thought-provoking discussion with someone, doing something kind for others, or taking time out in nature. Unfortunately, these things are hard to do when I am feeling zapped. I am working on prioritising exercise and sleep and hoping that this makes way for more energy to let the other things fall into place.

What changes will you make to help resolve your energy challenges?

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Are you headed for an energy crisis?Take the quiz

Written by Chantell Bramley

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