Angelika Barnes

I have over 30 years of professional experience as a facilitator and coach. I deliver highly engaging workshops and one-on-one sessions both for personal and professional growth.

Working across all three economic sectors: public (education), private (tourism, finance), and voluntary, I have maintained a focus on empowering people. I have worked in both operational and people management positions.

​Experiential Learning is one of the main ingredients of my workshops. They are ‘hands-on’ and practical because I believe in this saying: ‘I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.’

My mission is to empower people to express themselves with confidence. Feeling capable of expressing yourself, selling ideas, services or products in a confident and engaging manner is the door-opener to success in both, business and life.

A lot of us are restricted by limiting beliefs, old imprints and thinking patterns that are hugely reflected in the way we present ourselves verbally and nonverbally. Growing our awareness in this area and learning new ways to communicate, enhances our emotional intelligence and our daily interactions with colleagues, customers as well as staff. I look forward to sharing gems of wisdom that will help you to succeed.

Past experience

Trainer and Coach
The Banking Academy, Germany (
Delivering national Communication & Sales training courses.


My life-long passion and involvement in Performing Arts have been a fitting scene to study communication and non-verbal communication, cultivate stage presence, and perfect presenting skills. I am an NZ and Australia accredited Life Coach and an accomplished Toastmaster. I am the past President of the local Club, “Madhatters”.

I enjoy traveling and being in the outdoors on foot and by bike as well as camping with good friends. I still get a real kick in partaking in the Art of Improvisational Theatre.

Human Psychology, Psychodrama, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Improv Theatre, Non-Violent Communication as well as Emotional and Cultural Intelligence are areas I continue to explore and learn about.

​Customer service training

“Providing outstanding customer service was instilled in me early on in life. This ability has equipped me to seek, form, and maintain strong relationships, and has given me the tools to enrich these.

People continue to fascinate me and I am genuinely interested in co-creating great interactions.

I believe life is so much better when we truly care about each other.”



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