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Our training courses are tailored to suit your business needs, whether it's a 1-hour workshop or a full-day course. Our courses in leadership, communication, business skills, personal development and computer skills are built to deliver skill-based results.


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Engaging a multi-generational workforce
Engage and motivate staff from different generations. Manage the challenges and reap the benefits of working with millennials through to mature workers.
Giving Feedback and Performance Reviews
Giving feedback is essential for developing top performers. This course focuses on how to give effective feedback and coach staff for success. Participants will explore how to conduct performance reviews and set goals for high-performing teams.
Employment law for manager
If you have staff responsibilities, this is your guide to employment law in New Zealand. Meet your employment obligations from hiring staff to termination, and everything in between.
Core leadership skills
Know that you can lead yourself so that in turn, you can lead others. Develop the skills required for effective feedback, motivation, and delegation.
Conflict Resolution and Collaboration
Address conflict within any sized team to improve relationships, work outputs, and confidence to handle difficult conversations.
Leader's guide to performance management
Motivate staff to succeed: delegate, give feedback and performance reviews, manage poor performers.
Personal productivity
Gain practical skills and strategies to effectively evaluate your productivity and determine effective ways to manage your time.
Cross-Cultural Awareness and Communication
Enhance communication and understanding between team members from any culture.
Customer Service Course Chalkbox
Connect with your customers and meet their expectations. Build rich relationships that leave customers happy to return.
Mindfulness Course
Reprogramme your mind to think in healthier, less stressful, ways. Develop better focus and mental strength.
Managing People Through Change
Lead your team confidently through change, while navigating challenges and empowering staff.
Coping with Change
Build resilience while remaining productive through this unsettling and fast-changing time.
Microsoft Excel Functions course
Learn the power of Excel and expand your knowledge of functions.
Storytelling Marketing Chalkbox
Take your online writing to the next level. Strategically deliver words that move people into action. Let your business story engage your customers.
Managing Performance Course Chalkbox
Gain essential skills to confidently and competently address staff performance issues and misconduct.
Microsoft Outlook Intermdiate Course Chalkbox
Explore new and efficient ways to ensure Microsoft Outlook works harder for you. Learn new tips and short-cuts to increase your skill base.
Business Writing for Internal Audiences
This course will teach the essentials of good business writing in a variety of formats. From planning and structure to creating clear, engaging and concise copy.
resilience and wellbeing course Chalkbox
Explore and identify your personal stress triggers to drive a positive change
Powerful Presentations Chalkbox
Learn to deliver powerful presentations, effectively and confidently and motivate your audience into action.
project management Course
A practical one-day course covering core technical skills and success factors for project management.
Microsoft Excel Course Chalkbox
Learn the basic features of Microsoft Excel including spreadsheets, formulas, functions and graphs.
Microsoft Excel Course Chalkbox
Focus on the more advanced features - functions (formulas), managing data, formatting, and using multiple worksheets.
Microsoft Outlook Intermdiate Course Chalkbox
'Hands on' training covering the basic operations of Microsoft Outlook, including the ability to produce emails, appointments and tasks with ease.
Microsoft Project Training Chalkbox
Learn Microsoft Project and utilise its basic features - the interface, setting up using best-practice and managing your project.
Microsoft Word Intermediate Course Chalkbox
Use the features of Microsoft Word for your letters, reports, and brochures. Set up your page, use tables, formatting, and editing.
Microsoft Word Intermediate Course Chalkbox
Develop higher-level skills in Microsoft Word - mail-merge; co-review and produce documents with graphics and styles.

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