Smart Thinking

Reveal your thinking preferences using Herrmann Whole Brain Thinking. Understand each style and explore communication strategies.

Smart thinking Chalkbox

Programme Overview

Find out your own thinking preferences using Herrmann Whole Brain Thinking. Explore communication strategies for yourself and your team.

Course Benefits

The ability to relate well with others is key to our emotional well-being and success in life. Being able to understand your own drivers and how they differ from others leads to better listening, patience and the ability to keep calm under pressure. This in turn leads to better relationships; at home and at work.

Skills Taught

  • Complete your online Herrmann Whole Brain Thinking profile
  • Understand the background and research behind whole brain thinking
  • Review your personal thinking preferences and understand the implications on your communication patterns and behaviour
  • Explore the communication strategies, expectations and contribution styles of others
  • Understand the impact of thinking preferences in your daily life.

Course Presenter

Smart thinking Chalkbox

Designed for

Mind-readers, extra-sensory perception, tarot card reading are all indicators that we are fascinated at the thought of being able to read other people’s minds and to understand what drives their actions and behaviour. The reality is that we can’t read other people’s minds but we can find ways to understand ourselves and others better.  Herrmann Whole Brain Thinking provides the key to unlocking the secret of individual thinking preferences.

What to Expect

Complete your whole brain thinking profile online one week before the course. You will receive your personalised profile to take away.


"Enjoyed the 'eureka' moments when what we were discussing gave me ideas for work day to day."

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