Managing Your Distributed Workforce

When managing a team from home, this course will help you connect, set expectations and become a better communicator.

Managing Your Distributed Workforce

Programme Overview

This course provides distributed managers with techniques to help connect with and create a cohesive team.

Gain insight into the best techniques to use, how to understand your team’s challenges, set clear working expectations and structure your own day to achieve results.

Remain influential in your role and valued member of the management team. Maintain your professional profile and continue your career goals. You’ll find new ways to do this without having to be face-to-face.

Course Benefits

  • Feel more in tune with your team’s needs and connected
  • Improve communication
  • Develop methods to set clear expectations
  • Develop strategies to manage your time and limit distractions
  • Gain more control over your career direction
  • Manage your professional profile.

Skills Taught

  • Learn how to capitalise on the benefits of distributed working – for you, your team and your organisation
  • Learn how to empathise with your team and understand their challenges
  • Learn to structure your day to achieve results
  • Deal with the challenges of working remotely:
    • staying ‘visible’– managing your professional profile and reputation
    • maintaining motivation
    • influencing decisions from afar
    • avoiding domestic distractions
    • learning how and when to ‘switch off’.
  • Understand how your personality influences how you cope with distributed working
  • Develop strategies to overcome personal challenges.

Course Presenter

Managing Your Distributed Workforce

Designed for

Managers working from home – either because of enforced lock-down or when work returns to normal. You may work part-time, flexible hours, travel, or spend time on the road. This course is for anyone who is spends a lot of time out of the main office.

What to Expect

An interactive session sharing your personal experiences around the challenges of managing a distributed team and learning new techniques on how to overcome those challenges.

What to bring

You will need a laptop and a good internet connection as this course runs via video conferencing.

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