Managing Performance and Misconduct

Gain essential skills to confidently and competently address staff performance issues and misconduct.

Managing Performance Course Chalkbox

Programme Overview

Managing performance is a continual process crucial to an effective and productive workforce. Ensuring employees understand what is expected of them will enhance their contribution to your organisation. Find out how to help motivate staff and improve performance or move towards exiting an underperforming employee.

Managing misconduct is important to protect people and company property.  Dealing with misconduct the right way will reduce your risk of personal grievance action and help to avoid breaching your good faith requirements.

The programme will cover:

  • Performance management process
  • How to improve staff performance
  • The legal framework – avoiding unfair dismissal and discrimination
  • Conducting performance interviews
  • Managing misconduct and serious misconduct
  • Complications – personal grievances, absenteeism, illness
  • Disciplinary issues – meetings, dismissals and what to avoid
  • Getting your employment documentation right
  • Resolving employment relationship problems (such as mediation)
  • How to comply with good faith and meet the test of justification
  • Case studies

Course Benefits

You will gain essential skills to confidently and competently address performance and misconduct. By the end of the workshop, participants will understand:

  • the performance management processes and the legal implications of applying best practice
  • team leader/manager responsibilities for managing performance and misconduct
  • processes and internal procedures for handling poor performance and misconduct
  • effective principles in giving constructive feedback
  • when it is appropriate to use HR support in performance-related matters
  • the investigation process relating to misconduct and serious misconduct
  • how to reduce legal risk of personal grievances
  • how to comply with employment law while tackling disciplinary issues.

Skills Taught

  • Complying with employment law in New Zealand
  • Meeting employer obligations around performance management and misconduct
  • Following fair and reasonable disciplinary procedures
  • Keeping updated on legal requirements
  • Reducing the risk of personal grievance or employment relationship problems
  • Greater confidence in managing staff and terminating employment.

Course Presenter

Managing Performance Course Chalkbox

Designed for

Team leaders, managers, supervisors and HR professionals who need to address staff performance when it falls below the standards needed for good team work, and any cases of staff misconduct.

What to Expect

This programme will bring consistency in managing performance within the organisation. It aims to help team leaders and managers recognise their role and contribution in effectively managing performance and conduct at work.

You will have a chance to practice conducting performance interviews and disciplinary meetings.

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