Engaging a Multi-Generational Workforce – ONLINE

Engage and motivate staff from different generations. Manage the challenges and reap the benefits of working with millennials through to mature workers.

Engaging a multi-generational workforce

Programme Overview

This practical course sets out strategies to manage the different generations in your workplace so you can get the best out of your workforce and manage the challenge of diversity.

Half of New Zealand’s workforce are millennials, and around a quarter of New Zealand’s workforce are aged 55 or over. The exceptionally high level of mature aged workers in our workforce presents opportunities and challenges for organisations of all sizes.

In this course, participants will recognise the need to retain and value our mature workforce and millennials, or else face a decreased labour supply and a skill shortage.

Through discussion and case scenarios, course participants will explore how to manage the challenge of generational diversity in your workplace for better working relationships and productivity.

Course Benefits

This course is designed to help you:

  • Identify characteristics of the five different generations in the workplace
  • Compare differences in how to engage and motivate each different generation at work
  • Explore attitudes other workers and clients have towards younger and mature workers
  • Recognise the benefits of motivating Millennials and Gen Z for greater productivity and retention
  • Discover how to communicate with and develop Millennials and Gen Z for business and client succes.

Skills Taught

  • Identify the value that mature workers bring your organisation
  • Apply ways to adapt work and create opportunities for mature workers in case studies
  • Explore strategies to engage and manage mature workers and millennials
  • List ways to reduce the risk of unlawful discrimination and biases.

Course Presenter

Engaging a multi-generational workforce

Upcoming Course Details

Next Course: Wednesday 18 May 2022
Time: 9:30am - 2pm
Investment: $470 (incl GST)

Designed for

Managers, team leaders, business owners, and HR professionals who wish to improve how they engage with and manage different generations at work to attract and retain the right staff. This course focuses on how to improve diversity and productivity at work.

What to Expect

A 4.5 hour course, facilitated online. Concepts and theories will be introduced and explained, then applied through scenarios and discussions. Real-time interactions including group activities, polls and Q&As will allow you to connect and ask questions throughout the course.

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