Customer Service

Connect with your customers and meet their expectations. Build positive relationships that leave customers happy to return.

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Programme Overview

Everyone can remember times when they have received excellent customer service, and times when it has been terrible or careless.  The impact these interactions have on the wellbeing of your business and employees is critical and far reaching. This course allows everyone who works with customers to explore the challenges and opportunities of building amazing customer experiences.

Course Benefits

  • Feel more confident in connecting with customers
  • Develop a toolkit to apply to different customer situations
  • Gain more communication techniques
  • Competently manage difficult customer interactions.

Skills Taught

  • Learn what drives our need for connection
  • Learn how to ‘read’ customers
  • How to establish trust quickly
  • Creating an emotional connection between your business and your customer
  • Active listening with empathy (listening to customer needs)
  • Shifting your customer from ‘complainer’ to ‘promoter’.

Course Presenter

Eve Ahearn

Customer Service Course Chalkbox

Designed for

People who work directly with customers whether this is face to face, over the phone, or virtually.

What to Expect

Four hours of discovery through storytelling, group activity, reflection and learning. Be prepared to spend time in the shoes of your customer.

What to bring

Your passion for your customers.

Your passion for your customers.

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