Conflict to Collaboration

Managing conflict takes self-awareness, respect, and communication skills. Become confident to engage in conflict with effective outcomes.

Conflict to Collaboration Chalkbox

Programme Overview

Conflict engages, energises and terrifies us. Some people come to the edge of a conflict and decide to back off, in fear of the possible reactions. The result is unresolved, simmering conflict, which eventually erupts into a personalised argument with damaging consequences. Others go ahead and make the decision unilaterally, without regard for other people’s opinions. The consequence for these people is that team members leave, disenchanted and disengaged.

This course will give you the confidence to engage in conflict that delivers effective outcomes.

Course Benefits

  • Build better relationships
  • Be more confident to engage in conflict
  • Become competent in a range of conflict management styles
  • Gain self-awareness of your own style and triggers

Skills Taught

  • Understand your thinking preferences, triggers and how this differs to others
  • Evaluate your default communication style and understand the impact on outcomes for conflict management
  • Listening techniques to understand what planet other people are coming from
  • Learn a 5-part model for conflict management
  • Collaboration and how to achieve it
  • Turning the Drama Triangle into a Winner’s Triangle

Course Presenter

Conflict to Collaboration Chalkbox

Designed for

everyone working with people. Conflict is inevitable in all relationships. This course is designed to help people understand their own responses and improve the way they manage conflict. Being prepared to honestly self-evaluate and make changes is critical.

What to Expect

This workshop involves communication activities and practice conversations to explore new skills in a safe environment.

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