Building Team Performance

The best performing teams are ones where difference is celebrated and conflict is managed.

Building team performance Chalkbox

Programme Overview

In this workshop we use Herrmann Whole Brain Thinking to examine your team profile and review team strengths, gaps and communication styles.

There are many examples of businesses that have not performed to their highest potential and suffered as a result – companies like Kodak, Blackberry and Borders. For teams to adapt, innovate and grow they need people with diverse thinking and the opportunity for healthy debate.

Watch this video on Whole Brain® Thinking for better team results:

Course Benefits

  • Understand what make a GREAT team.
  • Leave with the tools to create a GREAT team in your workplace.

Everyone remembers when they were part of a team that hummed; whether this was a family, sport or work team. As an outcome of this workshop, you will understand what makes those teams tick and have the tools to create a team like this in your workplace.

Skills Taught

  • Complete your Herrmann Whole Brain Thinking profile.
  • Review the strengths and gaps in your team’s thinking preferences.
  • Determine where your team lies on the homogeneous – heterogeneous spectrum.
  • Examine communication techniques across the 4 quadrants.
  • Tools for managing conflict and enhancing rigorous debate within your team.

Course Presenter

Building team performance Chalkbox

Designed for

All teams! While it’s easy to think that harmonious teams are the best performing teams, this is not necessarily better than a team with continual conflict and bad feelings. The best performing teams are ones where difference is celebrated, and conflict is managed.

What to Expect

Expect to be challenged. Learning your thinking preference helps you to understand your own actions and behavior, along with that of others. Herrmann Whole Brain Thinking provides the opportunity to explore conflict or stress without the emotional baggage often associated with team communication.

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