Build-your-own Micro-Training Programme

Run short workshops for your company throughout the year. Choose from any topic or theme: wellbeing, leadership, communication, computer skills, etc.

Build your own training programme

Programme Overview

Balancing time out for training alongside getting the job done can be hard.

Simplify things by offering short, bite-sized chunks of learning at times that work within the workday.

Set monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly workshops open to all of your employees. Would this work best as a breakfast session? Lunch and learn session, or after work?

$429 + GST per workshop, $1630 + GST for four workshops, $2316 + GST for six workshops, $3281 + GST for nine workshops.

Course Benefits

Provide learning at a time that best suits your organisation.

Learn specific and topical skills

Train a greater number of participants for one investment.

Skills Taught

Choose from our extensive courses and pinpoint specific topics, or let us recommend and deliver the most popular topics for you.

Themed Programme Examples:

Wellbeing Programme – time management, mindfulness, resilience & wellbeing, coping with change, flexible working

Leadership Programme – coaching, self-leadership, leading a team, communicating, project management

Business Skills Programme – writing for internal audiences, writing for external audiences, project management, time management, computer skills.

Marketing Programme –  story-driven marketing, writing for media, copywriting, writing for internal audiences, writing for social media.

Build your own training programme

Designed for

Companies that wish to provide training to a large number of employees on various topics in a short amount of time.

What to Expect

Each workshop is delivered on-site and each workshop is up to 2 hours.

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