Breath for Stress

This workshop helps you to master the correct breathing technique to reduce the harmful effects of stress.

breath for stress

Programme Overview

This interactively and focused workshop allows participants to understand how stress impacts their bodies – both physically and mentally. Recognise when your body reacts to stressful situations. You will then learn the science behind why breathing correctly works to reduce your stress levels, and practice various techniques to find the right one for you

Course Benefits

By the end of the session, participants will:

  • Feel more in control of what is happening within their bodies.
  • Have the confidence to apply the right breathing technique in any situation.
  • Feel less stress!

Skills Taught

  • Master the technique of controlled breathing.
  • Identify what stress feels like in your body.
  • Identify your stress triggers.
  • Learn the science behind why focused breathing works.
  • Mindfulness techniques.

Course Presenter

breath for stress

Designed for

Anyone who would like to better understand why focused breathing works and how to apply this skill to help reduce their stress levels.

What to Expect

This workshop is interactive and practical. You will learn, discuss, share, and then practise breathing techniques to integrate immediately into your day.

Afterward, you will receive a full outline of the breathing techniques taught during the workshop to help you to practice and refer to.

This workshop can also be delivered by Zoom.


"It was really good to practice some of the breathing techniques together. I particularly enjoyed a number of the slides in the presentation." Participant on August 2021 course.

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